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Choux Au Craquelin


Indulge in the delicate and delightful Choux Au Craquelin, available in five exquisite flavours: Matcha, Mocha, Hojicha, Vanilla, and Black Sesame. Each choux pastry is crafted with a crisp, sugary craquelin top and filled with luscious cream, offering a perfect balance of texture and flavour.

Sold in boxes of 2 for CAD $9.00, these delectable treats are available for pre-order. Specify your preferred day and time for pick-up to enjoy these pastries fresh and at their best. Treat yourself to a sophisticated dessert experience with our Choux Au Craquelin!

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Choux Au Craquelin

Indulge in the exquisite experience of our Choux Au Craquelin, where delicate choux pastry meets a crisp, sugary craquelin top. Available in five sophisticated flavours, each box offers a delightful journey for your taste buds:

  • Matcha: Enjoy the rich, earthy flavour of premium matcha, perfectly balanced with the light, airy choux pastry.
  • Mocha:Savour the harmonious blend of robust coffee and creamy chocolate in our mochaflavouredd choux.
  • Hojicha: Delight in the roasted, nutty taste of hojicha tea, providing a unique and aromatic experience.
  • Vanilla: Relish the classic, smooth vanilla cream that complements the crisp craquelin top beautifully.
  • Black Sesame: Experience the nutty, slightly sweet flavour of black sesame, offering an exotic twist to this traditional pastry.

Each box contains 2 pieces for CAD $9.00, making it the perfect treat for yourself or a loved one. To ensure the freshest quality, we accept pre-orders and provide convenient pick-up options. Specify your preferred day and time for pick-up, and treat yourself to the luxurious taste of our Choux Au Craquelin.

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2 Piece


Black Sesame, Hojicha, Matcha, Mix, Mocha, Vanilla


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